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Our Online Classes Are the best among all

In our online classes you can ask real time questions to your teachers. Join online classes of ICON COLLEGE JARANWALA and be in touch with your teachers.


The outbreak of Covid-19 has c us to Introduce online learning management system for students. We are fully responsive to the current needs and aware of our contribution for the development of education.

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Install ICON Virtual Classroom for PC

Instant collaboration between teachers and students even outside the classroom.  you can use app on PC.

Install ICON Virtual Classroom For Mobile

Instant collaboration between teachers and students even outside the classroom.  you can download app on Android Phone.

Install ICON Video lecture software for pc

Attend your lectures and ask questions to our teachers by using this app. Download

Install ICON Video lecture App For Mobile phone

Attend your lectures and ask questions to  our teachers by using this app. Download on Android phones by ta  you can download app on  Android Phone.


Welcome to ICON COLLEGE.

It is a source of great pleasure that ICON College Jaranawala has successfully started live online /video summer camp classes. Its not only for summer camp but it is also a part of our regular classes. Our quality is proven not only by our students who attain outstanding results during their intermediate studies but also by our esteemed group of graduates who have achieved great success their years and have made us immensely proud. ICON College Jaranawala provides its students the opportunity to acquire the skills, understanding and experience necessary for the rapidly changing world. It also facilitates its students with sound academic programmes, a scholarly atmosphere, excellent discipline, latest science and computer labs, and multimedia projectors. To impart quality education, the college offers programmes like: FSC, ICS, I.COM, F. A(IT) and Bsc, instead of all College also offers BSCS, MCS, M.A Physical Education, Bs honors English and B.Ed programmes. The dedicated and highly qualified faculty members are putting their best efforts. Every possible effort is made to enhance creative potential of students. Our students have also shown their talents in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. We assure you that your educational experience in our institution will be a rewarding one both academically and culturally.